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6 Great Design Ideas for a Kids’ Room

6 Great Design Ideas for a Kids’ Room

1. Transient and fashionable

A stylish kid’s room should be easy for them to navigate. Big and beautiful cabinets with built-in window seats should anchor the space. It adds a whimsical touch to the soft lighting on the ceiling. Colorful carpet tiles should spice up the floor. Paint-size furniture makes the room even more inviting.

2. Sofa Bed Mattress

With a brilliant concept of minimalism, the idea of a sofa-bed takes on a whole new sense. Sofa-beds provide a cool place for kids to sleep and play. Perhaps better, an elevated lounge area means more space on the floor for fun and games.

3. Stylish and Refined

A kid’s room should pack a lot of highlights for keeping kids occupied. Pink walls ,for example, add a welcome touch to the general theme of the room. To make the room feel more theme-compliant, consider fitting wooden floors.

4. Tree-house Enlivened

It is hard to think of kid’s spaces without a tree-house crossing your mind. That is why it should influence part of the design in cases where outdoor activities spark great interest to the kid. A tree-house inspired kid’s room is a favorite sleeping place. A stage area could feature built-in storage on the floor. An artificial tree adds to the outdoor vibe of the room.

5. Attic Cabins

Attics make good playrooms in kid’s houses. Spicing the attic up with Moroccan floor cushions and dozens of accents of pillows provides comfort. A carpeted attic floor provides a soft space to play on.

6. Woodworking Area

Stir up your child’s thinking by setting up an area of creative block-work using solids like wood. A small shelving unit turns the untapped corner of a kid’s bedroom into a play-section. A shelved unit helps in general organization of the room. For more information about shelving units please check out A secluded unused space might become a recreational area when designing a kid’s room and include a teepee section. Consider adding a floor mat to increase underfoot comfort in this section. A whiteboard covering the entrance to the teepee section could provide a place to write and draw, plus extra anonymity.

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