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Easter’s Almost Here – Let’s Make Some Decorations!

Easter’s Almost Here – Let’s Make Some Decorations!

This Easter, take it easy and get the kids on board. Together, have fun making some incredibly simple, fantastic yet functional Easter decorations. Here are some quick and simple Easter decoration ideas that you can create in minutes:

1. Paper Easter wreath

Assemble a mess-free gorgeous paper plate wreath – cut a ring out of a paper plate, decorate it with ribbons, stickers, and glitters, and hang it wherever you please. Or, glue colorful tissue papers on a cardboard ring, embellish it with satin bows, and voila! You have a pretty rainbow Easter wreath! Or, pattern out multi-colored sticky notes on a cardboard ring to ready a wreath in even lesser time.

2. Cute Easter basket

Ready a colorful and functional paper basket in minutes with colored paper or card, scissors, and glue. Stick bunny faces, faux flowers, egg cutouts, and the likes to make it cuter. The favorite part? Fill it up with chocolate eggs or Easter gifts. Or, just get creative with that old wicker basket lying idle in your store – cultivate a lush bunch of wheat or ryegrass in it. When ready, skewer on marshmallow bunnies and chicks.

3. Easter goody bags

Recycle old paper bags – cut out bunny ears and draw a cute bunny face on each. Stuff them with candies, chocolates, and gifts. Finish off by tying a pretty string or ribbon around the ears. Hang a personalized message card on the knot if you wish. Create a drawstring fabric bag borrowing the same idea. For a more special one, cut out a bunny face on two attached felt sheets. Keep the ears really long. Draw an adorable bunny face on the cute out. Fill the bag with goodies and knot the ears to create the bag’s handle. Kids will love this one!