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Home Office: Tips & Ideas

Home Office: Tips & Ideas

If you are working from home, a clutter-free and aesthetic workspace will ensure you have more productive days. From useful storage to ergonomic chair, deck up your room with home office furnishings that are useful, and mood setting. Read on for the few must-haves, and practical home office design ideas:

1. Productivity boosting chair

If work requires you to be in front of the computer all day, you could be prone to back issues and eye strain. So, get investing in an ergonomic chair that’s ideal for your body weight and height. A chair that is height adjustable or is at just the correct height with respect to your work desk is ideal. Finally, remember to pick a chair in a color that compliments your home office setting. Work chairs these days come in fantastic back support features taking care of your lumbar and allowing you to focus and work in comfort for long hours. Mesh or fabric task chairs are much recommended for posture support. Cushiony, high-backed swivel chairs with leather finish make great companions for those looking to increase their productivity at work.

2. Proper lighting

Good lighting is paramount to any productive workspace environment. Place your work desk in an area with natural light which is a natural mood lifter. However, make sure the computer screen doesn’t get affected by unwanted glare. Invest in transparent window blinds and shades to mellow down the glare without compromising on the brightness of your workspace. An overhead ceiling light will lit up your working area perfectly but for that aesthetic touch, deck up the corners of your home office with elegant floor lamps. For night works, having a desk light handy ensures shadow-free lighting.

3. The ultimate chest of drawers

A chest of drawers is the perfect way to organize the workspace. Considering your workflow, place your filing cabinet or desktop drawers close-by. For example, if your work involves frequent use of reference books, manuals, and catalogs, place a chest of drawers near your work desk. Incorporate enough shelves and cupboards to maximize storage. Multiple-sized drawers are useful too – while shallow drawers are good to store small items like notepads, deep drawers are perfectly roomy for storing bulkier folders or printers. Smart drawer units with high-quality designs and special locking systems help keep your paperwork organized and secure in an elegant way. As for styles, while wooden, white, or natural filing cabinets look trendy, those in vintage brass or copper are classy.

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